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TOW 7: One week of Twitter
February 22, 2010, 5:55 am
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This week we were assigned to create a Twitter account and update it throughout the week and then blog about our  experiences.

I have heard all the benefits of Twitter such as: businesses use it to tell their customers about special events or sales, college students can follow their professors, friends can use it for enjoyment and follow each other, fans can follow their favorite celebrities, PR practitioners can follow PR firms or other PR practitioners on the latest PR news, events, or problems. All of the people who I know that use Twitter are students in college who use the website as a social networking place to update people on their day-to-day activities instead of using it for productive beneficiary reasons.

We were assigned to send at least 20 tweets this week. I was not able to send 20 tweets because it was hard for me to think of something interesting to tweet. I didn’t find any helpful PR news that I wanted to share to my followers or any questions that I needed answered. Most of my tweets consisted of little known facts to just provide food for thought. I tweeted about Tiger Woods also because he was the biggest influence of PR this week. Tiger was everywhere this week after his press conference. He was all over tv, on the radio, on magazines, in the newspaper, on tons of blogs and headlines, and the conversation of most people in America.

I followed all of the Tweeps that were recommended by Professor Nixon and they in return followed me too. This was somewhat intimidating because I knew that I couldn’t tweet “silly thoughts” or what I did during my daily activities like most of my peers do. I felt like I had to tweet important serious Public Relations-type of information (and when put on the spot I couldn’t find any).

All in all, I was not thrilled with my week of Twitter. However, I am not giving up and I will continue to follow and tweet often. Hopefully, the more I use Twitter the better I will become and then I can truly benefit from it the way that it was meant to be. I plan to follow some of my friends and celebrities for a little enjoyment. I also plan to continue to follow the PR practitioners that I currently follow (and new additions) and hopefully learn something from them.

My Twitter


TOW 6: What makes a story newsworthy?
February 16, 2010, 7:56 pm
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I think a few things make a story newsworthy. I believe that the first thing is the shock value. People love to read about things that are shocking and unexpected. For example, a 70-year-old bank robber or a woman giving birth to 10 children. Things out of the ordinary or that may cause controversy.

A more serious aspect that makes a story newsworthy is relevance. Does the story affect the readers? Such as problems in your community, state, country, or even world that could affect your day-to-day life.  A good newsworthy story gives information and makes people aware of a situation.

A newsworthy story must also be interesting. I doubt many people want to read about Tom raking his lawn. A story much grab the reader’s attention and make them feel as if they HAVE to read the story.

TOW 4: NewsU Cleaning Your Copy
February 10, 2010, 9:29 pm
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Last week I completed the NewsU Cleaning Your Copy course and I found it extremely helpful.

There were four topics: Grammar, AP Style, Punctuation, and Spelling. The Grammar section was good because it gave me a chance to freshen up on my Grammar skills and reminded me of things that I had forgotten. I was actually surprised to know how much that I had forgotten. The AP style was the best to me since that is the area that I am struggling in the most. The lesson was surprisingly easy to follow and the example questions were helpful. Punctuation and Spelling were the easiest because I am familiar with them both. I learned more about semi-colons and colons. NewsU also quizzed me on the different words that people commonly mix up or misspell.

This NewsU course made me feel more confident about my writing and feel more prepared for the AP quizzes for my PRCA  3330 class. I recommend this to anyone who needs to learn or just brush up on their writing skills.

TOW: Week 5. Super Bowl XXLIV Commercials
February 10, 2010, 8:57 pm
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I have to first say, that this was the best super bowl ever! I am a Saints fan and I was so excited that they actually made it to the Super Bowl, let alone win it! -WHO DAT!- I even drove all the way to New Orleans with some friends to be able to watch the Super Bowl on Bourbon Street with thousands of our closest fans. I have to say that this was BY FAR the most fun weekend that I’ve ever had. I was at a bar watching the game so I wasn’t able to watch the commercials until Monday night (DVR). However, when I did finally watch them I couldn’t stop laughing.

My favorite ones were the Bud Light and Budweiser commercials. I think that the beer commercials have gotten so funny. I like the Bud Light house, the Budweiser bridge, and the Bud Light voice box because they all made me literally laugh out loud. I believe that the target audience for these commercials are men ages 21 to 50, but I still found them to be the best.

Another favorite is the E-Trade baby and his girlfriend. It was very funny to see a baby girl on the commercial especially since the girl was his girlfriend who caught him with another “baby”. haha. I am not sure what the target audience for this is but I’d guess adults 25-50.

My least favorite commercial was the commercial with Tim Tebow and his mother. I respect Tim Tebow and I think that he was a wonderful college football player but he is highly over rated. I didn’t like his commercial because it was advertising his family story. I saw no place for him nor his mother in the super bowl.

P.S….. WHO DAT!! Geaux Saints!

TOW 3: Your 2 cents is worth a lot
February 1, 2010, 1:00 am
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I think that comments are an important part of blogs because they offer feedback. feedback is very important in Public Relations because if gives the sender the information that tells them if they are doing something right or wrong. Blog comments are an immediate feedback that lets the blogger know what people’s feelings and opinions on the topic.  Some advice that I would offer on writing an effective blog comment would be to be clear. Do not make the blogger really have to strain to understand what it is that you are commenting. Be courteous, it is not nice to disrespect someone’s personal opinion. Even if you disagree you can state your disapproval in a civil manner. Lastly, you should be consistent and check back to see if the blogger has commented back to you.

Chapter 2 Reading Notes
February 1, 2010, 12:53 am
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Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques chapter two called, Becoming a Persuasive Writer. It discusses ideas like: ethics, persuasive writing, and persuasive speaking. I liked that this chapter touched back on the basics of communication such as sender and receiver. I learned this in my Intro to PR class and it was good to freshen up on it. Since reading I am now aware of how often propaganda can be so I am more conscious to not use it. I learned that propaganda to some degree is used in PR writing. I learned about the different emotional appeals and that “the most effective is the emotional appeal that is coupled with facts and figures.”