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March 2, 2010, 11:03 pm
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Super Bowl Comment on Matt Cook’s Blog

Matt Cook’s Blog

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February 10, 2010 at 9:05 pm

I LOVED the Snickers commercial with Betty White. I am a big Golden Girls fan and to see her play that role really tickled me! I agree, the Snickers commercials have been doing really well lately.
I also wrote in my blog that the Tebow commercial was my least favorite. I saw no relevance for it whatsoever. Plus, he’s a quarter back, he doesn’t even tackle!

Blog Comment John Keith’s Cover Letter Tips

John Keith’s Blog

These tips are very helpful. I have never thought to look at a cover letter as a commercial for yourself. That is clever. I have always found the cover letter to be the most difficult part of a resume because that is the first thing that employers look at. I feel like there is so much pressure to make the cover letter “perfect”. These tips really helped me and now I am about to edit my cover letter, thanks to your help!

      Comment by tlgraves | February 16, 2010 | Reply


Sarah Gricius Blog about Week One of Twitter
tlgraves Says:

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I was nervous when I found out that we had to create a Twitter account as well. I was at a lost when it came to updating my tweets. Most of mine were little known useless facts that people may find interesting. I understand you not wanting to put your day-to-day activities because I felt the same way. I too found it more interesting to read other people’s tweets. It is good to hear that you are glad that Professor Nixon gave us this assignment. I think that it is very smart of you to keep your Twitter account and follow celebrities that you may one day be working next to!                          Sarah’s Blog

tlgraves Says:
March 4, 2010 at 4:44 am

Matt Cook’s Blog

This was a really good post. I am interested in the power of persuasion (hopefully I can get into Grahams persuasion class next semester). I understand that Tiger needed his notes to help him remember what to say because I can imagine how nerve wrecking a nation-wide interview must be. However, the way that he read directly from his notes made his apology seem less sincere. Although he did not owe anyone outside of his family an apology, but since he did it, he should have seemed more sincere. When all else fails with an apology, break out the tears. Even if they were not real, its sad to say, but he would have won the public’s opinion. I agree that he chose the wrong channel of communication and that radio would have been more effective. I learned a lot reading your blog. Thanks.

LAWZTA’s Blog Lead Me to the News TOW 8

tlgraves Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. March 8, 2010 at 2:39 am

I also learned more than I expected to learn in the NewsU Lead Lab. I liked how it was set up like a “real lab” and that it was interactive and not just lectures and notes.
I found the Lead Myths to be surprising as well. It was good to learn that if you need to make your lead longer in order to get all of your information across then that is acceptable. I feel like I either cram everything into my lead or leave out important information in order to abide by the length rule.
I don’t know if you participated in it but the Lead Lab had a section where you can write your leads and submit them and then get feedback on how you to make it better. I suggest that if you write your paper ahead of time, you should submit your lead to the Lead Lab. That way you can receive helpful feedback before you have to submit your assignment.

Shelly Martin’s PR Connections #3 Blog

My Comment:

I am so upset that I forgot to watch this show! I have to set my DVR to record the next one. I heard the same positive and negative feedback about the show that you mentioned in your blog. If I can’t become an event planner, this is the kind of PR work that I want to do. I too like Kim Kardashian, I feel like although there is not much to her, she promotes herself in a way that makes people want to watch/listen/support her and that is what PR is all about. I understand how the show could have too much “drama” however, that IS what entices viewers to watch. Do you remember the show from years ago on MTV called “PoweR Girls”? It was about a group of girls working at a PR firm and I felt like it concentrated too much on the drama rather than the task at hand (but it was MTV so what can you expect). I really liked your post and I can’t wait to catch the next episode of SPINdustry.

 Shelly Martin’s Tiger Woods PR Connection Comment

tlgraves says:

Haha Shelly, It is okay, I have blogged about Tiger Woods as well. It’s so hard not to being as though he is all over the television, newspaper, magazines, radio, daily conversations and internet. I like this PR connections and I agree with the six mistakes that Tiger made. I also think that it was “shady” that he did not talk to the police, what was he hiding?
I agree that it was a bad idea to wait months before discussing the matter. This did give people and the media time to draw their own conclusions and stir up rumors and false accusations.
However, I do not think that it was a mistake for him to conceal the details of what actually happened that night between him and his wife. I am sure that it was much worse than they are leading on and that they just want to keep the details of the incident private because the media would have blown it out of proportion even more than they already did.
I also do not think that waiting until The Masters was a mistake. I think that he did right by taking time off from golf to heal himself and the wounds in his family and get the necessary treatment before he worried about his job. I think that coming out at The Masters was perfect timing because it is the biggest golf tournament and fans definitely would have been disappointed if he missed the event.
Tiger Wood’s scandal is far from over I am sure, so don’t give up on blogging about him just yet. It’s interesting and relevant in the media today. Plus, it is entertaining and you are good at it!

Comment by tlgraves on 04/20/2010 8:29 pm

Stu Smith’s TOW 6 Week of Twitter Comment

I had the same feelings as you did about Twitter. I thought that it was another social network such as Facebook or MySpace and I was pleasantly surprised that it was not. I was also behind in my tweets and I did not want to flood my “tweeps” with numerous tweets a day. I found it difficult to find topics to tweet about. Nothing interesting happened in my life to share with others and I could not think of ANYTHING PR related to tweet about.
I like that you are open to using Twitter to release stress, tweet ideas, and recommend advice. I also like that you are open to meeting new friends on Twitter. You are right; you can never have too many friends. Despite what people think, Twitter is good for educating people. It helps you network with people you would not normally interact with and it teaches you new information from different perspectives. Twitter is also good to link up with other people who have the same interests as you and could possibly land you a job one day

An Le’s PR Connections Drag Show at Georgia Southern Comment

I am upset that I missed the show! I heard a lot of talk about it before the date of the show and I was really excited to go. I can’t remember why I couldn’t make it but there was something that I had prior planned. I heard that it was a great turn out and a high-energy crowd. I also read about the shows success in the George Anne. However, I was not aware that there were 600 people in the building. I think that is amazing.
I think that it was good for Georgia Southern to host an event like this because it shows how much we have evolved in accepting the gay community. I can imagine that this program made people feel comfortable in their own skin and may have even given people the courage to express themselves further.
I was invited to a Drag Show in the Florida Keys a few months ago but we could not go because not everyone in our group was 21 and it was held at a club. I will make it to one of these shows eventually. I watch the RuPaul’s Drag Race show that comes on TV and I am fascinated by all of the time and effort that goes into the transformation. You can’t even tell that they are men because of all of the extravagant hair and costumes. I am also in awe of how well they do their make up! I am a girl and I am not that talented!

tlgravesApril 21, 2010 at 1:43 am

Anna’s PR Connections: Kate Goselin as a Media Star Comment

I have been watching Dancing with the Stars and I think that it Kate is hilarious on the show. Her dancing is horrible and everyone knows it but viewers have been keeping her on the show to continue watching her disastrous dance techniques. Occasionally I watched the TV show Jon and Kate Plus 8 and I thought that they were a cute family and I was happy for them and the success of their show. However, I got annoyed when the couple went through marital problems and you couldn’t turn the corner or flip the channel without hearing about Jon’s latest rendezvous or Kate’s latest break-down. I commend Kate for her (appearing) strength through the crisis. I can imagine how hard it must be to be in the middle of an adultery scandal and have the entire country in your business. I think that Kate is on Dancing with the Stars now to get her fans back in her corner and read her new book and watch her new reality show, Twisted Kate. I however do not think that this is the best idea. I think that Kate should calm down in the media light, take time with her kids, and let things cool over. She is trying to win her fans back yet by expressing how great of a mother she is yet she is on Dancing with the Stars and constantly away from home touring to promote her new book and TV show which she calls her “babies”. Kate! You have 8 “babies” at home to worry about!

Comment by tlgraves — April 21, 2010 @ 1:56 AM

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