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Tiger, Tiger, Tiger
April 7, 2010, 1:52 am
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Unless you live in a cave you have all been overwhelmed with the hype about Tiger Woods and his many mistresses. In February Tiger Woods made a public press conference to apologize for his behavior and “indiscretions”. The press conference aired at 11 a.m. and almost stopped America. Offices tuned into the channel, people TiVoed it, stations delayed shows to air the apology. I personally felt that the apology was not needed. However, I do feel that what Woods did was extremely unacceptable but I do not feel that he owed America an apology. I feel that he should have been able to keep the dilemma private within his family. So if the buzz about his apology was not enough, paparazzi followed his wife around to see how she was “coping”. I think that this is bizarre and a total invasion of privacy.

If Tiger Wood’s national apology was not enough, he did yet another press conference discussing his plans for the 2010 Masters. Tiger stated that he will in fact be returning for the 2010 Master’s in Augusta, GA. He also answered questions from reporters such as, will his wife be supporting him at the Master’s? She will not. The fact that she will not be at the Master’s has caused a stir in the media. Everyone is asking whether they think that it is good or bad that his wife won’t be by his side. Reporters asked questions about his mistresses and possible sex addiction.

I am glad that Tiger is returning to the Master’s (if definitely would not be the same without him). From watching the news on Woods is does not seem that he has lost any of his fans. I hope that Tiger performs well in Augusta therefore the media will leave him alone and find someone else’s personal life to snoop in. I feel that there are much more important topic to discuss.

I won’t even get started on Tiger’s mistress #2’s press conference and talk of mistress #1’s reality show! Oh goodness.

However, if for some reason you have not seen Tiger Wood’s first Press Conference/Apology, here it is.

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I found this whole subject crazy. I agree that what he did was wrong and unacceptable but it had to do with his private life. Therefore he should only have had to explain things to Elin and not do any press conference about his mistakes. I think it was great that Tiger played in the Master’s and that he ended in the top 5! It shows that even though he took a break to try to straighten things out with his personal issues, that he is still the same player that he was before and should still get the support from fans. Hopefully he will just continue to grow.

Comment by Kate Kavanagh

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I also agree with Kate that this was taken to far. What he did is his own mistake which should be dealt with in his private life, not through the media. There was no reason for Tiger to do a apology on National TV. He should have kept his problems between he and his family. I really like Elin and I think it’s terrible what Tiger did to her, but it happens daily. There is no need to blow up the story so that is all you hear when you turn the tv on. Tiger is not the first golfer that this has happened to, so why was it a bigger deal for him? Is it because he is such an unbelievable golfer? I think so…I was actually gald he didn’t win the Masters, however I think it would’ve taken some of the ‘negative spotlight’ off of him.

Comment by lindsayaddison

Will the Tiger stories ever get old? haha probably not! Everyone is really infatuated that one of the most private and incredible athletes of all time made one of the largest mistakes of all time and no one saw it coming. I agree with you somewhat about the privacy and the apologizing points that you made. I think you are right when you say that he doesn’t owe the media and us several apologies but I don’t think he thinks that either. I think the reason he is making the apologies public is because his decisions affected his sponsors, his friends, his family, and most fans. I don’t think he was apologizing to just the average person, but people that looked up to him and the people that helped him along the way in his career and frankly I do think they deserved some type of explanation or apology.

Comment by Lauren Stevens

I couldn’t agree more with y’all. Yeah, Tiger definitely messed up, but the media needs to get over it. He’s got 2 kids and a wife that he needs to be worrying about, not what time he has to be where to make a statement (which wasn’t even heart-felt or believable.) I agree with you Lindsay–I’m glad he’s back playing golf, but I’m glad he didn’t win just because that would have brought even more attention to him and I’m sick and tired of seeing him everywhere. Nice blog, Tashe!

Comment by mlong331

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I agree that Tiger has been all over the news WAY too much. His mistake has turned into a social controversy that the media just won’t let go. I am glad that Tiger Woods decided to play in the Masters this year because it brought a lot more people to the event. In my Hotel and Restaurant Management class another student reported that the hotels in the surrounding area were struggling to fully fill up until Tiger Woods announced that he would play in the tournament. With the current economic situation Tiger Woods contributed greatly to the economy of Augusta…so thanks for the assistance Tiger Woods!

Comment by annalg

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