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Final Assignment- Social Media News Release
April 23, 2010, 2:38 am
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According to Wilcox’s Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques, a social media news release (also called a multimedia release or a smart media release) is an online news release. These online releases allow a news release to be embedded with high-resolution photos/graphics, video, and audio components. It is often used for major event and product launches.  Hyper links are embedded into the text, and links are made to social media networking sites.

                Realwire describes a Social Media News Release (SMNR) simply as, “a press release format designed for the online world.”

Some advantages of a SMNR found in Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques , Carrie Beth Abramson and Social Media Training are:

  • optimised for search
  • optimised for conversation
  • optimised for sharing
  • tells the story through multimedia
  • provided context on complicated stories.
  • maximize exposure of the news release through online access
  • a broader variety of people on the internet have access to your SMNR
  • Members of the media can be directly linked to company websites, videos, podcasts, etc. directly
  • The speed at which they are communicated

Some disadvantages of a SMNR found in Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques , Carrie Beth Abramson’s blog and Copy Blogger are:

  • if you have too many links it will confuse journalists
  • if the release is boring it will most likely be considered spam
  • An overabundance of links or graphics can defer attention from the main message
  • They can only be used online because they are multi-dimensional

According to Copy Blogger and Hub Pages  and Wilcox’s Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques a PR practitioner should consider using a Social Media News Release when a company or brand is introducing a new product or service, announcing financial news, or company achievements. Also a PR practitioner should use SMNR if they are releasing that new product or service and want to use pictures, graphics, and or video to convey more detailed information to the client or reader. Some people are visual and are persuaded more when they can see exactly what a product or service looks like and how it works. Graphs and models are helpful with this. SNMRs are also helpful because clients and readers can give instant feedback with can be responded back to in minimal time- it is a more direct communication.

With the help of  Wilcox’s Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques , and Writng Matters and HubPages here are some tips for creating a Social Media News Release:

  • Don’t use too many graphics, videos, or links, it will draw focus away from the key message.
  • Use high-resolution multimedia
  • Focus mainly on conveying your message, and then add the extra bells and whistles.
  • Link your SMNR to search engines
  • Write your SMNR for online readers since they scan content anyway. Keep it clear and to the point.
  • Focus on key words
  • Always update your SMNR- technology is always changing


Here are five websites that offer help to creating a SMNR


Here is an example from Dr. Kim Bariatric Specialists website of what a SMNR looks like.

Lastly, here is a brief in dept video from RealWire explaining all about Social Media News Releases

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