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How to lose a journalist in 10 ways- Week 13 TOW
April 28, 2010, 3:39 am
Filed under: PRCA 3330 TOW

PR practitioners and journalists do not always see eye-to-eye. I think this is mainly because they work so close together in delivering information to the public. Just like any relationship, a few tips, respect, and understanding can keep situations from blowing out of proportion.

Here are ten things that I think PR professionals do to annoy journalists and simple solutions to solve the problem.

  1. Tons of e-mails. Journalists get frustrated with PR people when they flood their inboxes with emails and news releases. This problem can be fixed if the PR professional would only send the most important e-mails rather than a lot of unnecessary information and follow-ups.
  2. Wrong writing style. PR professionals are not always familiar with the journalist’s editorial requirements and format according to Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques. This can easily be solved if the PR professional familiarized himself of herself with AP Style writing which is the writing style that journalists use.
  3. Boring gimmicks. PR writers send the same gifts with their media kits and news releases and journalists get bored and annoyed with them. PR practitioners should think of more creative attention-grabbing gifts to deliver with their media kits.
  4. Gifts altogether. Some journalists think that the gifts are a waste of time. PR practitioners should just omit the cheesy gifts completely.
  5. Name Calling. Journalists get annoyed when publicists use flamboyant words to describe a new product or service. PR publicists could tone down the hype and exaggeration when sending a news release to a journalist.
  6. Alotted Time. PR Professionals do not always let the journalist know where a press release will be in a considerate amount of time or they schedule conferences at inconvenient times for journalists. This can be fixed by communication between the PR people and the reporters to come to a time that works for everyone.
  7. Location. PR professionals may sometimes forget to consider the necessities of reporters for a press conference such as, outlets, lighting, first floor entry, and phone jacks. PR professionals should keep in mind all of the accommodations reporters need.
  8. Phone Calls. PR professionals annoy reporters by calling and checking on the status of their news release. This can be fixed by calling for a different topic and casually working the question into conversation if you must ask.
  9. Lack of knowledge about product or service. Public Relations publicists should be fully informed on the product that they are sending the news release or media kit on incase the reporter has a question.
  10. Poor penmanship. Reporters are annoyed when a news release is sent to them and is written poorly. PR practitioners should be able to write clear and informative news releases and always have someone double-check to make sure it is properly written.

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