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SMNRs -Week 15 TOW
April 28, 2010, 3:56 am
Filed under: PRCA 3330 TOW

A Social Media News Release or a SMNR is an online multimedia news release. This news release is online therefore it can contain pictures, graphs, videos, sound, or links to other websites. Graphics are helpful in social media news releases because they can show, explain, or demonstrate what a product or service does as opposed to a print news release. Also, links can be included to link readers to another website to further explain a product or service. A PR practitioner should use SMNR if they are releasing a new product or service and want to use pictures, graphics, and or video to convey more detailed information to the client or reader. Some people cannot fully understand how a product or service works unless they can see visual images to help explain. Sometimes a print news release alone will not suffice.

SMNRs are helpful because journalists do not have to talk to the PR professional about the product that they are writing about. All of the information is available on the website. SMNRs are also extremely helpful because they allow for readers and clients to leave comments and offer feedback about the product or service. Two-way communication is essential for improvement and evaluation.

A SMNR is available for all of the public to see rather than just the reporters that print releases are sent to. A good SMNR with links will be easier to find in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, or MSN. A PR practitioner should want his or her SMNR to be available to everyone because they never know who may want to write a story about them and their new product or service.

Here are 3 websites that explain social media news releases and how to create them:

Here is a video about Social Media News Releases:

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