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You’ve Got Mail- Ch. 14 Reading Notes
April 28, 2010, 1:18 am
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Dennis Wilcox’s Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques discusses Writing E-mail, Memos, and Proposals in Chapter 14.

E-mail is the speedy electronic way to send mail via internet. Although e-mail is convenient and efficient it can sometimes become overwhelming with the crowding of your inbox and spam mail (junk mail). The texts says that in 2007 the average number of corporate e-mails sent and received per person on a daily basis was 142.”

To avoid having your e-mail considered spam here are a few tips that the book explains about e-mail manners:

  • Use language that falls between formal and conversational.
  • Keep messages including quoted material brief.
  • Don’t clutter inboxes with forwarded jokes etc.
  • Don’t use a lot of cryptic symbols as shorthand
  • Spellcheck

Memos are a brief written message, usually a page or less in length. A memo can ask for information, confirm a verbal exchange, as for a meeting, schedule or cancel a meeting, remind, report, praise, caution, state a policy, or perform any other function that requires a written message. Proposals offer a service to an organization and are in an organized format. The purpose is to get something accomplished. Almost anything can be proposed.

This information on the chapter can be found in Dennis Wilcox’s Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques.

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Great outline. I love read it IMDB

Comment by Nell Rahe

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